With the leftover fig and onion chutney from the cheese filled afternoon, I had a lot of thinking to do.  As most of my thinking revolves around food, this naturally did as well.

What was I thinking, you may ask? Obviously what else I could eat with the chutney.  It was delicious and I definitely cannot let it go to waste.

I sat around, thought about it, looked inside my belly and came up with scones.  I had been reading about afternoon teas recently (as one does in their spare time) and I’ve never made proper scones before so why not! Scones it is.

I dislike complicated recipes with lots of ingredients, so I went online, did some research and found a recipe that seemed simple enough to not mess up.  After my cookie catastrophe of the weekend, I wanted to make sure this wouldn’t happen again.

And to my pleasant surprise, they turned out perfectly – so delicious and light and fluffy.  From the recipe, I got out 8 healthy sized scones (meaning large) – and by the end of the day, only 1 remained.  Mind you, it was only my brother and myself eating them.  I also ate other food in between.  One could either conclude that I am constantly eating (sometimes true), but mostly that these scones were fantastic.


1 ¾ cup self raising flour
2 oz. butter (60 grams)
pinch of salt
2 tbs sugar
150 ml milk
1 egg – beaten


Preheat the oven to 220 Celsius

  1. Combine the flour with the salt, and rub in the butter
  2. Then add in the sugar and slowly add in the milk, not all at once as I like to see how the dough is turning out
  3. As you mix it all together, you should get a nice soft dough
  4. On a floured surface, lightly knead the dough – cut it up and brush the top of each with the beaten egg and stick it in the oven

Takes about 12-14 minutes and when you see a nice golden colour, take it out and fight the urge to consume them immediately


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