Part 2 – Family History – Roasted Beetroot and Zucchini Salad

Part 2 – Family History Roasted Beetroot and Zucchini Salad It would be hard to express when, or even how the animosity between the twins grew.  The parents were ever loving and supportive.  Constantly trying to bring the two together as babies and toddlers, demonstrating how they should love each other.  Once Sasha was born, … More Part 2 – Family History – Roasted Beetroot and Zucchini Salad

A big ol’ Quiche

So I’ve already written about making mini quiches – crustless ones that are probably far more healthier than this version of a quiche.   And as much as I love mini quiches (or mini food in general, mini cupcakes, am I right!) I prefer a full on quiche with a crust.  It’s probably the crust … More A big ol’ Quiche

Mac n’ cheese

Classic mac n’ cheese, always a hearty meal that satisfies the belly.  Making it homemade is always the best choice because you can make it slightly healthier than eating outside and WAY more healthier than the box options. Plus you can adjust and add in different cheeses or add ins to get various flavours.  This … More Mac n’ cheese

Mini quiches

When I was hosting some friends over for the afternoon tea, I had already thought of having the scones and the chocolate tart.  I needed more food!  Growing up it was always important to make sure that there was enough food to feed all your guests and more.  Always more than less. Since it wasn’t … More Mini quiches