Mini chocolate tart

I had leftover ducle de leche and chocolate filling from the large chocolate tart I made and posted about a couple weeks ago.  No, I didn’t have the filling in the fridge for a couple of weeks – I made this mini chocolate tarts soon after the tart.   I had to make them seeing as the chocolate tart was finished very soon after I made it.  I’m still pining for that tart.

The essentials are the same for the mini tarts – just the base is different.

For the base, I made a butter biscuit base like what I use for the Hello Dollies I make.

Essentially just put a bunch of butter biscuits in a food processor and added in melted butter.  Pressed it to the bottom of each mini tart pan, and then added in the ducle de leche and chocolate filling till it was all finished.

Put it in the oven at 175 celsius for about 20 minutes and share amongst your friends and family.  Or just eat it all yourself.

Here are the steps (very easy in pics!)





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