White Chocolate Oreo Fudge


I’m typically not one for white chocolate, but when it comes to making fudge, that’s what I usually go for.  Not sure why, but I think it has more of a nice fudge-y appeal to it (kind of like caramel as well). I hadn’t made fudge in a few years actually, no reason in particular, just never came up.  But now that I made this one, I’m wondering why I haven’t all this time because:

1) It’s easy (my favorite)
2) it’s delicious (also a great reason)
3) and people love it! (and I love making food for people)

Right about now, you’re probably wondering, “What made you go ahead and make fudge now! So many days, months and YEARS have passed us by, so why now?”.  It’s a very serious existential question and as I sit here, drinking my tea, I will tell you why. It was my bestie’s mothers birthday and she loved the fudge I made years ago and every time she sees me, she asks about it.  So it was a birthday gift to her.  From me.  Okay, that wasn’t a very serious reason for going back and making this fudge as it turns out.  Sorry for wasting your time.

I decided to jazz up this version of white chocolate fudge by adding Oreos, because Oreos and dessert is always a good combo.  I made brownies the other week with Oreos in them as well and it was a delightful surprise whenever someone took a bite into them.  The other great thing about fudge is that you can diversify a simple recipe and have different toppings/mix-ins every time you make fudge.  Other types of chocolate or cookies or nuts or even dried fruit (eek, not for me, but some people are into that). If I ever make fudge for my parents, I most definitely would add in nuts and dried fruit for them – they DIG that sort of combo.  Those are true grown up flavors and apparently I haven’t grown up enough for that.  OH WELL.

So my quick note for this recipe is to make sure that the fudge is kept in the fridge otherwise it will get melty and that isn’t as much fun to eat.  Or maybe it is.  Whatever you prefer, however, I suggest the fridge.


200 grams of white chocolate
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
75 grams of cream cheese
250 grams of icing sugar
10-12 Oreo cookies (chopped up)


  1. Melt the white chocolate over hot water
  2. Mix the cream cheese, icing sugar and vanilla extract together until nice and creamy
  3. Add in the melted chocolate and then 2/3 of the chopped Oreos and combine.
  4. Get your dish ready and line it with baking paper – then pour in the mixture and smooth over.  Put the remaining Oreos on top and press into the mixture.
  5. Cover the dish and stick it in the fridge for at least two hours.  Once it has hardened, you can remove the baking paper and cut it up! and EAT. Or put it a nice box and deliver it as a gift.  The receiver will love you for it 🙂


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