Ducle de leche

Turning condensed milk into dulce de leche is so easy, just takes time and some watching over.

Take a can of condensed milk.  I like to do more than one can at a time as it stays in the fridge for a couple of months.

Peel off the label from the can and put it in a pan.  Cover it with water by at least an inch or two and let it simmer for about 3 hours.   Just keep a watch over it, so the water is constantly covering the can.  You’ll have to repeatedly add in water as it evaporates.

You could leave it in for less time, if you would prefer a consistency that is not as thick.  Once simmered for 3 hours, remove from heat and keep in the pan to cool naturally with the water.  After a while, just take it out of the pan carefully, and if it isn’t too warm, open it up!

Add in to loads of different dessert possibilities – banoffee pie, cheesecake, brownies, chocolate tart…I could go on.

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