Coriander pesto


It’s always difficult to say which herb is exactly my favourite, but coriander is ALWAYS up on the list.   If I could put coriander in everything, I might just do that. I love the smell, the taste and everything about it.  Especially when you are at the supermarket and you just stick your nose up in that coriander before deciding which bunch to purchase.

I had this coriander sorbet in NYC recently and it was phenomenal! So refreshing and I had never even thought about coriander sorbet before.  So really, it can be used in everything.

This recipe is not sorbet (boo, not exciting) but just a simple coriander pesto.   I love making a lot of coriander pesto at once and freezing it so it can be used whenever I want for the next few months.  Generally, I’ll put it in soups or pastas or a risotto.  I would also grill a chicken and then add it on for an extra treat.

Whenever I make a pesto of any sorts (basil, sun dried tomato, etc) – I don’t really do measurements very well and I generally just add in all the ingredients in a food processor and then adjust.  So for this, these are the general ingredients that I would use to make coriander pesto.   Sometimes I will add in a handful of cashews, but that is if I want to give the pesto more of a body.  If you want it to be lighter, leave out the cashews.


2 bunches of coriander
1/4 – 1/2 cup of olive oil
Salt for taste
2-3 cloves of garlic

and maybe a handful of cashews

Throw everything into a food processor and whirr it all up.  Once it all comes together, give it a taste and add in more olive oil/salt/whatever you want, so get the taste and consistency you want.

It is great to freeze, so I would recommend doing this with some of the pesto.

When I made the pesto this time, I used it to make for a bruschetta.  I cut up pieces of a baguette and put that in the oven with olive oil and salt for 10 minutes.  Once that was done, I put ricotta on the bread, and then a dollop of the pesto.  It was a GREAT combo and would eat that again right now.


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