I love Spanish food and their whole idea of tapas.  It’s a great idea to have little bites of food instead of getting full on main dishes.  Often when I go to restaurant, I want to order 5-10 items, but I can’t because that’s unreasonable (Sigh. If only it was possible).  However, in Spanish restaurants … More Paella


Yum, who doesn’t love having pancakes on a weekend?! If I’m actually prepared and have the ingredients needed (milk – I never seem to have milk at home) I’ll make some pancakes. Chocolate Chips Pancakes, always, all the way.  I definitely always have chocolate chips at home, but no milk – not sure what the says … More Pancakes

Coming soon

I’m excited to start up this food blog with simple, easy and delicious recipes.  Just figuring out the kinks of how this all works! Hope that you enjoy looking at what I’ll start posting soon 🙂