Cheese Board

In my previous post, I mentioned an afternoon filled with cheese – which was pretty pretty glorious.  Obviously fun to hang out with my friend, but um, cheese.  Need I say more?


Creating a cheeseboard doesn’t really take much energy, you throw a bunch of things (edible things) on a board and suddenly it looks nice.  People think it takes time and energy, but shhh, it really doesn’t.

For this particular cheese board, I kind of just went for what was around my kitchen and in my fridge.  I had brie, goat cheese and cheddar – all delightful cheeses and a bit of diversity with texture and taste.

I had grapes and truffle honey, but before I continue let me just take a second and tell you about this truffle honey.  OMG, amazing.  I got this in NYC a couple weeks back, carefully wrapped it up in my suitcase and have been waiting for an opportunity to open it.  A cheese afternoon seems like the perfect opportunity.  Though I’m surprised I didn’t just put a spoon in it earlier and eat it plain.  So yes, find yourself some truffle honey.  Right now, put your phone down and find it.

Going back to my cheeseboard adventure – I quickly cut up my loaf of bread and laid out some crackers and uh, put everything on the board.  So ya. There you go.

I also then ate it all.  My friend helped a little.

PSIMG_8764. I also just put some cheese and tomatoes on bread, put it in the oven for 10 minutes. Then I had some leftover smoked salmon, and put it on some toasted bread with olive oil and salt.   I had leftovers, figured I should use them somehow! Doesn’t look great, but pretty tasty and simple.


    • Blue cheese with truffle honey would probably be amazing. Truffle honey tends to quite strongly taste of truffle, once you open the jar, you can definitely smell it (which I love). If you are into truffle, I recommend trying it 🙂

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