Garlic and Rosemary Butter

So obviously I stated I like easy recipes, easy and delicious.  This one is pretty much the epitome of easy and delicious.  Before making my scones, I went on a hunt (telephone hunt) to see if I could find clotted cream in Dubai.  I failed, I couldn’t find it! What was I supposed to eat with the scones that I so desperately wanted to make??

I had the fig and onion chutney, but I needed something else – something more savory that would melt wonderfully on a fresh out of the oven scone.  So I thought of butter, but something more interesting than just plain old butter (still delicious though..) I had rosemary on the mind, so with that I decided to make some garlic and rosemary butter.


Rosemary reminds me of this yummy brunch item I had recently in NYC at Sotto 13 (go for brunch there!) – focaccia french toast, with brown butter and rosemary (and a berry compote, with maple syrup – yes, I am drooling now!)  I hadn’t had rosemary in food in a long time before that, and now I want to put it in everything.  Hence the rosemary on the mind.

And so what did I need – rosemary, garlic, and slightly salted butter. What did I do with it? Exactly this:

Chopped up one clove of garlic and a few sprigs of rosemary.

Took half a stick of slightly salted butter (left it be at room temperature) and took maybe a quarter of that and melted it in a pan with the garlic and rosemary.

It smells amazing.  I can’t smell it now (I’m writing after making it), but I can imagine it – and I would make a candle from this smell.  Is that weird? Maybe a little.  Okay, so no candles, just the butter.

Mix the melted butter with the room temperature butter and left it in the fridge.

I didn’t leave it in the fridge for long, my scones were done and I wanted to eat them.  So ten minutes later, I was in garlic rosemary butter scone heaven.  I may have to make a pound of this next time.

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