Feta Dip

If it hasn’t been obvious in my previous posts, let me just reiterate that I love cheese and could eat cheese in any form every single day.  Unfortunately, people tell me that this isn’t very healthy – sounds like some sort of conspiracy against cheese in my opinion.

I had some leftover feta cheese from these mini quiches I made (I will share that recipe soon as well!) and I couldn’t possibly let the feta go to waste.   I had some friends coming over the next day and as always I have to make sure to have more than enough food, so figured why not through in something feta related.  Even though the mini quiches were on the menu and they had feta in them…but oh well.  More feta for everyone.

Since it was an afternoon (leading to evening of drinking) event, I thought of making a feta dip of sorts that we could use for bread or crackers or chips.  Or just to spoon it into your mouth, like I did, multiple times in the process of making it.  But that was for testing purposes..not because I am greedy.

But I was greedy for this dip because I loved it and definitely want to make it again.   In my usual haphazard way of making things, I threw some ingredients in and it worked out well.  For a Middle Eastern vibe – seeing as I live in Dubai – I decided to incorporate some zaatar into the dip.  I love zaatar as a spice and especially using it for dips.  I need to find other ways to use zaatar, so if anyone has any ideas, please share!


1 cup of feta
1/2 cup of greek yogurt
1 lemon
Olive oil (1/4 cup to start, and then add in as you please)
1 tablespoon of zaatar
1 clove of garlic
Salt for taste



Put it all in a food processor and let the machine do its job.   Once it is all mixed up, taste and adjust.  Add a bit more salt or olive oil, depending on the taste and the consistency you want the dip to be.

When it was ready to be served, I did drizzle some more olive oil on top, as well as sprinkle some more zaatar on it.  Just so it is really obvious that I used zaatar.  Dip, eat and enjoy 🙂


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